Yes, Sure! A lot of TV channels.

tv wall panel koovik iptv lot of tv channels any input

HotelierTV and koovik head-ends allow to offer an almost unlimited number of international TV channels, HD or SD, received by practically any media and technology:

  • Digital TV Programs received by Satellite, digital Terrestrial TV and/or Cable TV.

  • HDMI, SDI, CVBS or YPbPr inputs from dedicated receivers.

  • Internet, Youtube or Facebook live streaming channels.

  • Hotel corporate channels. Live events or loop videos.

  • Unable to receive some interesting channels on the hotel site?
    It is possible to arrange a contribution from another location and transport them to the hotel over IP.

  • Guest own content or from platforms to which he is subscribed.

  • Are you interested on VOD? Ok, HotelierTV includes also Video On Demand as an option.

Hotel Services and Tourism Attractions.

koovik hospitality IPTV hotel and local activities

Your Hotel has a lot to offer. Your City and Region too.

It’s no secret. The level of satisfaction of the guests is an essential criterion in the hospitality industry. Both you and your local tourist promotion office focus your efforts on customer satisfaction and on improving the destination prestige.

Show your customers everything your hotel and region can offer. A picture is worth a thousand words, so take advantage of that magnificent screen that you have installed in each room to show your restaurant, bar, disco, car rental, or interesting local attractions.

Sure, your guest arrives loaded with exceptional tools to get information, but it is sure that he appreciates your recommendations.

Navigating the interactive menus, the guest will find the information he is looking for, within the hotel or in the surrounding area.

Keep a close contact with your guests

koovik hotelier welcome message TV

A bidirectional communication system between you and your guests.

  • Welcome Message.

  • Send messages to your guests during their stay.

  • Display a QR code to enter your Web store and online payment gateway. The customer can make orders with the security and ease that gives him to interact with his own device.

  • You already know the effectiveness of the “Call to Action” buttons on your website. Do the same with the HotelierTV menus. Get orders, reservations, etc.

  • Express Check-Out from the room.

Chromecast for Hotels

koovik myawaytv hotel chromecast my_subscriptions

Chromecast allows sending content from services like Netflix, HBO, Youtube, and Spotify directly to the TV.

  • Privacy. The koovik MyAwayTV controller ensures that only the authenticated devices in the room detect and can send content to the room Chromecast.

  • The koovik MywayTV controller allows provisioning hotel Chromecasts, and manage them. Prevents unauthorized access to device configuration.

  • Guests can send the content of the platforms to which they are subscribed to the big screen, exactly as they do when they are at home. Their usernames and passwords are kept on their devices, fully ensuring confidentiality.

  • The MyAwayTV is a stand-alone solution which can be used separately or integrated into HotelierTV installations.

  • In accordance with the European regulations on the portability of online content, EU citizens can access the platforms to which they are subscribed while traveling in the EU.

  • For detailed information click here: myawaytv


You have built a solid corporate image, getting your customers to quickly identify your Hotel when they see your logo and corporate colors.


HotelierTV allows you to customize the logo, colors and appearance of the menu buttons, and all the content you want to include to integrate it completely with your corporate image.

Which TV?


koovik Hotelier TV Samsung Hospitality



TV + hidden STB

koovik hotelierTV Set Top Box

Mini DemoServer

For demo purposes, we can offer fully functional mini-servers.

  • Demo TV channel stream. It is not necessary to have nor set-up other TV channels for the demo.

  • Catalog with different types of menus, buttons, layouts, and colors, including icons, picture buttons, hand-drawn buttons, etc.

  • Check-in with welcome message and check-out.

  • Live weather info (requires internet connection).

  • Send messages to the room or group of rooms.

HotelierTV – The technical side

How to distribute TV channels? IP or RF Coax?

It’s up to you! IPTV Multicast, DVB-T, QAM, ATSC, or DVB-S digital RF or combine all of them in a single channel list.

Each hotel has its own requirements, and every engineering can choose the most appropriate technology.

Both IP multicast and digital RF distribution in a coaxial cable network offer perfect HD images. There is no difference in choosing one or the other signal transport technology. The correct choice depends on the particularities of the installation (if it is a new installation or a pre-existing distribution is used if it is a hotel with few rooms and Multiswitch IF offer a lot of channels with a small investment, etc.), the experience in each technology and of course the cost.

HotelierTV supports both technologies and even both at the same time. The installation can distribute some channels over the Gigabit Ethernet network, and others over the coaxial network. You can combine them, in a completely transparent way for the guest in a single channel list. Channel 1 can be IP, Channel 2 RF, etc. The user will not notice any difference.

Depending on the type of video distribution and the expected bandwidth consumption, it is even possible to connect the TV in the room via WiFi.

Contact us for additional information or specific questions.

Web-based management interface

koovik hotelierTV web based CMS

Get access to the management, configuration, and monitoring panel using a web browser.

  • Check-in (with a welcome message) and guest check-out from the Control Panel, or integrated with the hotel’s PMS.

  • Welcome messages.

  • Messages to a room or a group of rooms.

  • Create or edit a list or multiple lists of TV channels, and deploy them over all hotel TVs.

  • Content editor with customization tools.

  • Manage hotel TVs configuration and software updates.


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