4ASIIPPro4-ASIIP 4 x BI-DIRECTIONAL ASI + IP In-Out CONVERTER and RE-MULTIPLEXER 4 Bi-directional ASI ports. Individually selectable as Input or Output on configuration set-up. 2 x 256 SPTS/MPTS IP input streams. RE-MULTIPLEXER PID Re-mapping, PCR adjustment and auto-generated PSI/SI table. 4 x IP MPTS over UDP output. [...]


16RFIPPro4-RF DIGITAL RF TUNERS + ASI + IPTV to 8 DVB-T MUXES or 16 DVB-C MUXES Modulator. 16 TUNERS  RF DIGITAL. DVB-S2, DVB-T o QAM. 512 entradas IPTV SPTS o MPTS para combinar con streamers. 2 x ASI INPUTS (*opción) PROGRAM DEMUX AND FREE REMUX TO RF MUX. 8 MUX de [...]


STREAMPro4-ENGINE LIVE VIDEO STREAMING PROTOCOL CONVERTER. HTTP, HLS, RTSP, RTMP, RTP, and UDP. Up to 80 SD or 20 HD programs (160Mbs). Built-in server supports 100+ simultaneous subscribers. Transmission path IP-jitter correction. 1Gbps Ethernet interfaces max capability. 16GB Solid-State Disk(SSD) for uploadind and playing TS files. Embedded web server for set-up. [...]


8AVPro4-M2RF MPEG2 ENCODER, MUXER, DIGITAL TV MODULATOR AND IPTV GATEWAY HEADEND 8 CVBS inputs MPEG2 ENCODER MUXER and RF DVB Modulator. 4 x DVB-T, DVB-C or ATSC (choose appropriate option) and 4 x IP MPTS outputs. 3 images or texts OSD (if enabled, the same OSD appears on ALL video signals). [...]

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